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Into the New Year Louisville 40k Open

This year the Louisville 40k group is working on setting up a 2 day 3+ (depending on player count) game tournament for Monday December 30th and Tuesday December 31st. One of the things we are looking into is determing a rule set that everybody can agree on and enjoy. To do this we wanted to have our players vote on their preference for the FoB (Feast of Blades) TO rule set or the Nova TO rule set. You can find the FoB rules here and the Nova rules here. Nova also contains a FAQ for most/all armies that can be found here. FOB FAQ can be found here.  Thank you for your feedback and feel free to leave more comments in our FB thread or on the Forum board.

Which tournament rule set would you prefer we use 12/30/13 and 12/31/13?

  • Feast of Blades Open (FoB) (75%, 6 Votes)
  • Nova Open (25%...

Dragons Brood vs Hive Fleet Dominion

Aurelius Defiant

We like battle reports here at Louisville 40K, and here is an example report from back in September (2013 Sep 14) to show our readers what they can expect to see in the future.

Dragon’s Brood vs Hive Fleet Dominion

1,500 points

Half of Dragon’s Brood’s Third Company (“Winged Victors”) responds to a distress call from an Imperial Guard outpost only to find a barren wasteland and are ambushed by elements of Hive Fleet Dominion!

The game was called after the...

Escalation League Update, 12/14/13

From Al:

“ATTN ESCALATION LEAGUE: i posted a sign up sheet at the store today. please use it to schedule your matches! i only did saturdays and sundays, but if you’d like to play during the week, you may also arrange games for that as well. i will also be requiring everyone who is participating to write down their name and best method of contact so that we can communicate better. thanks, see you all tomorrow!”

Here We Go…!

And the site is now open to the group!

Menus Renamed, Rules Added, and Site Prep is Done!

We had another discussion in the Facebook Group chat this morning, but instead it was about the allowance of Dataslates, Formations, and other such ancillary things into our regular games. And while the core of the discussion eventually returned to the “Discuss with your opponent” standard, it did prompt me to create the Rules page. It’s an idea the group discussed a few weeks back that should help us as we classify the types of games we play with each other. Basically, it helps us establish appropriate expectations when it comes to setting up a game and helps mitigate anyone being “blindsided” by unexpected units or rules.

That said, the page is about done for now. I’ve removed the built-in forums in favor of directing people to the pre-existing Lou40k Google Group, and I’ve re-establishe...

Almost Ready for Unveiling

There was a rather spirited discussion in the Facebook chat group today regarding what the new Escalation rules supplement will do to competitive play. It eventually evolved into the idea of supporting game adjustments with fluff, and a request was made for each player to provide a small bit of fluff background for his / her army.

Since the need for a centralized “home” for the group increases with this refocus on fluff, I’ve decided to push forward a little more swiftly with this site. I hope to introduce the group to it later this week.