Mercenary Campaign

Mercenary Campaign
Start Date: Pending
Player Max: 10
Chapter Duration: 1 Month
Each month consists of one battle and one group game

Group game rotates, each player will host at least one group game. You are welcome to host from another agreed upon location, John Marshall’s house or games workshop are viable alternatives. I’m 100% confident others will set up. You must write the fluff for your group game, but the general scenario is going to built around a scavenger hunt in search of things to support each kill team in some form of impending great battle (feast of blades type thing). The battles are fights in effort to find the months goal, each awarding the winner some benefit towards the months group game (aka strategic redeployment, homing beacon, etc). The benefit is also determined by the host for that month. In certain months the kill teams may enlist the support of extra units, and those would be available in their battle that month and maybe even their group game.

Example: Tyranid month might allow for an extra enlisted monstrous creature up to 200 pts, if you don’t have one you can apply the 200 pts to the typical army selection based on original kill team rules.

In order to realize the benefit you must submit a bat rep for your win. The months goal will win you some special ability leading up to the battle royal at the end (25 pt bonus, it will not die, etc). The host of the group game cannot win their own game. The idea here is we all contribute to a big story, within minimum guidelines.

Army selection
Single Codex plus supplements and available dataslates to that codex. Detachments are not allowed.
375 points
1 HQ
0-1 elite
0-2 troop
0-1 fast attack

Minimum 4 non vehicle models
No 2+ saves
No models with more than 3 wounds or hull points
No vehicles with armor totaling greater than 33 (front+side+rear)
No flyers

Painted and based models receive one re-roll per game. This is considered all dice rolled for that particular action.

500 word minimum kill team fluff for your particular kill team is worth 25 additional pts to your team.

Month 1
Battle: Head Hunt Battle Straight out of the Kill Team Book (no add ons) winners get 3 door keys instead of 2 in the Necron tomb. Door keys are used to open or close doors in the tomb.

Group Game: Necron Tomb Invasion
The Necrons have risen up and taken over the world of Xxxx (most recently heald by the thousand sons. Kills teams must penetrate Necron defenses to extract the gene seed of a level 3 psycher. Winner gets one psychic warp charge added to a model of his choosing (rolled from any table) in the final battle.

It is ok to miss a group game, you just miss out on potentially winning that bonus. You can gather as many bonuses as you can win, but your are restricted to picking your best three in the final battle. If you use the same kill team through out the campaign you can pick any one bonus that was available to win for the final battle.

If you can’t schedule your battle during the month you forfeit not only your battle, but also any bonuses you have won to that point. You must be willing to accommodate or make work at least two Saturdays during each month, to have been considered not at fault for scheduling. Players work out scheduling on their own.

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