Secret Weapon Miniatures Tau Tokens

I recently started looking for ways to remind me each turn to setup different systems and powers throughout my Tau army often forgetting to declare my Etherals ability, roll Nova, or declare my buff commanders system choices. In searching I came across the Secret Weapon Tau tokens and decided to give them a try in an upcoming game.

First you should note these come in colors other than pictured, but I chose orange so that they didn’t end up lost on the board and defeat the purpose. Further the tokens are thick enough to hold up in a dice bag or army carrier without worrying about them breaking. Solidly made I have no doubt these will be in use for a long time. The tokens served their purpose in their first game allowing me to take full advantage of my Ethereal, Riptide, and Commander with MSS and C&C systems not forgetting to declare their setup and use any turn. The tokens did their job for me and also helped my opponent keep up with what I was declaring as well as keeping up with which units had markerlights on them as dice can sometimes be mixed up for wounds on multi wound characters.

The only thing I would have liked for the counters to include is either initials of what they represent (for instance on the MSS tokens each counter containing the initials for your choice such as MH for Monster Hunter) or another written form instead of just a symbol. I’m sure overtime I’ll memorize the symbols, but my opponent may not and a quick way for them to know would help.

Overall the product is great. It’s a good price for solid tokens and the symbol work is creative and well printed. Hopefully in the future I can find reasons to buy some tokens for my Space Marines or Mechanicum if Secret Weapon prints anything.


Check out the different counters available at:


WP_20140208_002 WP_20140208_021

WP_20140208_006 WP_20140208_005

*Disclaimer – I did receive one pack of psyker counters for free, however I personally purchased the Tau counters in the review.

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