Menus Renamed, Rules Added, and Site Prep is Done!

We had another discussion in the Facebook Group chat this morning, but instead it was about the allowance of Dataslates, Formations, and other such ancillary things into our regular games. And while the core of the discussion eventually returned to the “Discuss with your opponent” standard, it did prompt me to create the Rules page. It’s an idea the group discussed a few weeks back that should help us as we classify the types of games we play with each other. Basically, it helps us establish appropriate expectations when it comes to setting up a game and helps mitigate anyone being “blindsided” by unexpected units or rules.

That said, the page is about done for now. I’ve removed the built-in forums in favor of directing people to the pre-existing Lou40k Google Group, and I’ve re-established the link to the Wiki. I’ll be updating the wiki next, but that shouldn’t take long. It’ll be largely empty until we start populating it with stuff. But, after that, this little online home of ours should be ready to go!

I’ll be adding other authors within the week.

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