Dragons Brood vs Hive Fleet Dominion

Aurelius Defiant

We like battle reports here at Louisville 40K, and here is an example report from back in September (2013 Sep 14) to show our readers what they can expect to see in the future.

Dragon’s Brood vs Hive Fleet Dominion

1,500 points

Half of Dragon’s Brood’s Third Company (“Winged Victors”) responds to a distress call from an Imperial Guard outpost only to find a barren wasteland and are ambushed by elements of Hive Fleet Dominion!

The game was called after the third round due to time constraints, but it was an even match to that point. In all a great game, and I look forward to playing Greyseer again.

Final Score: 1-1!

Dragon’s Brood —First Blood

Dominion — Linebreaker

Turn 1: Dominion

The Hivemind (Greyseer) advanced his host towards the third company. The two tervigons in the back spawn approximately 20 new termagants. Captain Aurelius stands defiantly on top of his Rhino watching their advance. The leading Hive Tyrant, we will call it “Greyseer’s Pawn,” advanced on the 2nd Assault squad (“Sidon”), destroying half of them with a salvo of Brainleech Worms. Only the confident hand of Librarian Plotinus stayed their retreat. Hive Tyrant two tore into the 2nd Devastator Squad (“Zeno”) killing a heavy bolterer (is bolterer a word?) and several other devastator marines. Score 0 – 0.

Turn 1: Brood

All Rhinos advance. The remnants of Squad Sidon advance on Greyseer’s Pawn. Combined fire from Sidon and the slowly advancing Brother Stilo brings Greyseer’s Pawn crashing to the ground but he is largely unharmed. Meanwhile, the second hive tyrant comes crashing to the ground from the combined fire from Tactical Squads Agrippa and Heraclitus, firing from the relative safety of their metal boxes, and Devastator Squad Zeno finished him off! A great start!

Assault Squad Sidon did not fare so well, being reduced to just Librarian Plotinus, Sidon and an assault marine by Greyseer’s Pawn’s overwatch, stalling their assault mid-charge. Score: 1 – 0.

Turn 1
Turn 2: Dominion

A Mycetic Spore bearing the (in Hugo Weaving’s Elrond voice) Doom of Malan’tai came crashing down behind the Rhino of Squad Thales. His warp powers laid low two of the valiant, and combat squaded, members of Squad Agrippa. Greyseer’s Pawn took to wing again and laid into Devastator Squad Zeno, while his Zoanthrope Brood mind tricked Squad Agrippa’s Rhino out of existence. One marine died in the explosion, and his remains were interred in the resulting crater in accordance with Chapter Rites once the battle was over… Score: 1 – 0.

Turn 2: Brood

Fearing the Doom, the Brood kinda lost their shit.

Squads Thales and Heraclitus disembarked and quickly formed firing lines to stop the Doom and the ever growing horde of termagants, respectively. The two Rhinos of Squads Heraclitus (now vacant) and Zeno formed a wall to slow the Zoanthrope Broods advance. Squad Thales’s Rhino turned to make a wall between the termagants and Thales.

Fire from the remaining combat squad from Tactical Squad Arippa turned there bolt guns on The Doom and brought it down. Squad Thales, now on the wrong side of a Rhino from any enemies (they thought), sat down to have a picnic. Zeno continued to fire at Greyseer’s Pawn, but the Hive Tyrant was still flying, so their fire was not fully effective.

Score: unchanged at 1 – 0.

That's a lot of bugs.

That’s a lot of bugs.

Turn 3: Dominion

The second tervigon finally ran out of new termagants to spawn, but there were still an awful lot of them on the table.

Greyseer’s Pawn continued his (?) one-bug-war against Devastator Squad Zeno, killing off the the lascannons, the last heavy bolter, and Zeno himself. The rest of the squad broke and made a run for the border, seemingly forgetting that They Shall Know No Fear. The Mycetic Spore lashed the picnicking Tactical Squad Thales, killing a marine (his last words were overheard as “Holy crap! That thing has weapons?”). Withering fire from no less than three termagant broods tore into Tactical Squad Heraclitus, whom took casualties. The Zoanthropes did something, but it either wasn’t particularly effective, or I was just too tired to take careful note of it…

Score: still unchanged 1 – 0.

Turn 3: Brood

After a long uphill walk, and largely forgotten by both sides, Brother Stilo (the Dreadnought, remember?) finally got his autocannons in range of a tervigon but was unable to wound him. The Rhino isolating Tactical Squad Thales from the hordes moved out of the way. The resulting fire from all three tactical squads, and the remnants of both the assault squad and devastators reduced the horde by almost half, and killed a zoantrope.

But that was the last round! We set a time limit on the game and it was over! Greyseer claimed Linebreaker.

Final Score: 1 – 1

Dragon’s Brood Third Company “Winged Victors” (Space Marines, Ultramarines Successor)


  • Captain “Aurelius, Master of Tactics” — artificer armor, relic blade, combi-melta, melta bombs (150)
  • Librarian “Brother Plotinus” — jump pack, psyker level 2, melta bombs (110)


  • Tactical Squad “1/3 1st Tactical, Agrippa” — 10 men, flamer, missile launcher, veteran sergeant, chainsword, rhino (205)
  • Tactical Squad “6/3 10th Tactical, Thales” — 10 men, flamer, heavy bolter, veteran sergeant, rhino (200)
  • Tactical Squad “8/3 19th Tactical, Heraclitus” — 10 men, gravgun, lascannon, veteran sergeant, grav pistol, rhino (235)


  • Dreadnought “11/3 Dreadnought Auxiliary, Brother Stilo”— twin-linked autocannons x2, extra armor (130)

Fast Attack

  • Assault Squad “3/3 2nd Assault, Sidon” — 10 men, flamer, plasma pistol, veteran sergeant, power sword, melta bombs (225)

Heavy Support

  • Devastator Squad “2/3 2nd Devastator, Zeno” — 10 men, heavy bolters x2, lascannons x2, veteran sergeant, rhino (245)

Hivefleet Dominion (Tyranids) 1500


  • Hive Tyrant — Bonded Exoskeleton, Old Adversary, 2x Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech Worms, Wings; Psyker Powers: Leech Essence, Psychic Scream (285)
  • Hive Tyrant — Bonded Exoskeleton, 2x Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech Worms, Wings; Psyker Powers: Leech Essence, Psychic Scream (265)


  • Tervigon — Bonded Exoskeleton, Claws and Teeth, Crushing Claws, Stinger Salvo, Toxin Sacs; Psychic Powers: Catalyst, Dominion (210)
  • Termagant Brood — 10 Termagants, Chitin, Claws and Teeth, Devourer, Toxin Sacs (110)
  • Tervigon — Bonded Exoskeleton, Claws and Teeth, Crushing Claws, Stinger Salvo, Toxin Sacs; Psychic Powers: Catalyst, Dominion (210)
  • Termagant Brood — 10 Termagants, Chitin, Claws and Teeth, Devourer, Toxin Sacs (110)


  • The Doom of Malan’tai — Claws and Teeth, Reinforced Chitin; Mycetic Spore (165)
  • Zoanthrope Brood — 3 zoanthropes, Claws and Teeth, Reinforced Chitin; Psychic Powers: Warp Blast, Warp Lance (180)

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