BattleScribe is a good, free (ad-supported) program that allows you to make army lists with relative ease. There’s a version for desktop OSes, iOS, and Android, so it covers most devices. If you’re curious, you can find more information on the BattleScribe web page.

We have created a repository specifically for the Louisville 40k ¬†group. It not only contains standard army data, but will also contain stat lines for any custom units we develop for narrative purposes. The URL for the BattleScribe repository is below. Enter it under the “Manage Data” option in the app itself.

(latest revision: 11/28/2013)

Graphic Templates

Sometimes we need a little something extra to add to our encounters. This can be a message template for creating an especially narrative invite, or a series of unit tokens to help with “blind” games. If it’s a visual aide for use in a game, it will be posted here.

Imperial Inquisition Communique

A parchment template meant to look like an Inquisitorial message. Good for warning Imperial worlds of an impending invasion, or commanding your allies to obey the Inquisition.


Original PSD for Communique

Tyranid Creature Tokens

Need a set of markers to represent unidentified Tyranids? Print these out on cardstock and mount them to bases! 25mm and 40mm included.


Original PSD for Token Sheet